Step by Step guide: How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro


We’ve all seen those before and after photos of kitchens with beautiful, glossy cabinets and wondered how they did it. Some people might hire a professional to do it, but others want to know how they can achieve the same result without spending extra money.

Here’s a step-by-step guide from IMI Painting, a Toronto painting company on how to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro. With the right supplies and a little bit of elbow grease, you can give your kitchen a whole new look without breaking the bank!

Assemble Your Materials

The first step is to gather all of the materials you will need. This includes: – A high-quality paint brush – A medium to high grit sandpaper – A lint-free cloth – A primer – A paint of your choice

Remove The Hardware

The next step is to remove all of the hardware from your cabinets. This includes the knobs, hinges, and any other hardware. This will make it easier to paint the cabinets and avoid getting paint on the hardware.

Clean The Cabinets

Once the hardware is removed, you will need to clean the cabinets. You can do this with a damp cloth and some soap. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies to ensure that the cabinets are free of dirt and grime.

Sand The Cabinets

Once the cabinets are clean, you will need to sand them. This will help the primer and paint adhere to the cabinets. Be sure to use the medium to high-grit sandpaper so that you don’t damage the cabinets.

Prime The Cabinets

After the cabinets are sanded, you will need to apply a primer. This will help the paint to stick to the cabinets and will also provide a base colour. Be sure to follow the instructions on the primer to ensure that it is applied correctly.

Paint The Cabinets

Now it’s time to paint the cabinets! Be sure to use high-quality paint so that the cabinets will look their best. Start with the paintbrush and work your way to using a roller. Be sure to paint in the direction of the grain.

Reattach The Hardware

Once the cabinets are dry, you can reattach the hardware. Be sure to use the template that came with the hardware so that you know exactly where to place it.

Stand Back And Admire Your Handiwork!

You did it! You painted your kitchen cabinets like a pro! Be sure to stand back and admire your handiwork. Your kitchen will look brand new in no time!